Johan Helmich Roman

About the material

The Roman Collection, present arrangement from 1929
The collection of autograph and manuscript music associated with the "Father of Swedish Music", court Kapellmeister Johan Helmich Roman (1694-1758), was built up over the years by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and its library since 1771. The most important contributions stem from a donation of A. Holmberg in 1858 and items transferred from the Utile Dulci Collection. The Roman Collection contains almost all of the composer's extant works in autograph or contemporary manuscript copies, and is the foundation for all subsequent studies and work lists. It also contains many items falsely ascribed to Roman. The collection was never catalogued, nor is there a separate inventory. Instead, the thematic catalogues by Patrik Vretblad, later superseded by those of Ingmar Bengtsson and Anna-Lena Holm, both of which deal extensively with questions of authenticity, have been used. They are now replaced as finding aids (but not as bibliographical tools) by the present database.